Wall decor!

Wall Decor

A lick of paint in just the right shade can make all the difference to your home. It's possibly the best way to change the entire appearance of a room. Top Home Design will help you choose the right colours for your walls, texturise and shade them, suggest wall coverings, accessories and more.

TopDesignHome Tips:

Fresh colours and textures on your walls, wall art and wall paper can take your home from drab to fab in an instant. It's important to team the right colour palette for your room. A smart combination of colour with strategic hints of texture will make all the difference.

Wall Decor

Colour psychology is key. The effects of colour are subtle yet significant. Colour is responsible for 60% of our response to places and objects. Therefore, it's important that your home is the right blend of colours.

Wall treatments can be used effectively to open up smaller spaces, making rooms appear larger, and getting rid of dark or dingy corners. Highlight or downplay simply by playing with the right colours, shades and textures.

Curious to see how wall treatments can completely transform your living space? Contact us today and let our experts open up a magical world right in your home!

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