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Whether you're looking for unique new furniture for your home or want to reupholster your tired old furniture, we can help. Choose from a range of furniture styles and upholstery from our extensive catalogue. Choose single pieces or sets. Tables, chairs, sofas, cupboards, storage closets, etc. We'll ensure every piece we suggest is of great quality and well within your budget.

TopDesignHome Tips:

Furniture is an important element of any home. It needs to be both functional and adhere to a particular theme or style. Whether ornately carved retro pieces or contemporary, modern designs with simple sleek designs, there's a lot out there to choose from. There's a lot you can do with the clever use of the right furniture - create height, depth, jazz up bare spaces and more!

It's good to know exactly what sort of an overall style you're looking to create. Classic? Minimalist? Modern? Bohemian? Whatever you have in mind, it's best not to buy all your furniture together in bulk. Mix and match pieces to create interest. The best homes have fabulous pieces all coming seamlessly together, collected with love over time.


Never forget functionality. Prioritise what exactly matters to you - comfort, practicality, style, storage space? That will help you narrow down your choices in furniture.


Reupholstering old furniture, or refurbish classic old pieces handed down over generations, is also a good idea. Not only will you save a whole lot of money, you'll have the ability to create some truly unique pieces.

Looking to furnish your home? Our top design professionals will help you find the perfect solutions. Get in touch with us to furnish your home. Choose from our extensive catalogue of furniture or we can even help you design or source the ideal pieces for you.

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