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The choice of floor treatments at Top Home Design is limitless. You dream it, we design it and deliver - floor coverings in limitless colours, fabrics, textures, shapes and styles. Top Home Design has great quality carpets, mats, flooring material and tiles to choose from. Wherever you step, you'll be stepping on style!

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Remember the time back when all our houses either had mosaic tiled floors or red oxide floors? Choices in flooring are now a lot more than picking out carpets, tiles or floorboards! You can now choose from a wide range of flooring materials and options that will not only style your home but are also practical in that they are durable and long-lasting.

Choose from different flooring materials depending on your need: resin, vinyl, reclaimed wood, ceramic tiles and more. Create texture and bold patterns at your feet.

Flooring tile choices can be used cleverly to make rooms appear larger than they actually are.

Home decor

Love the look of wooden flooring but wood isn't a practical choice for you? No worry. There are ceramic tiles in the market that can replicate the look perfectly and adding a modern touch and finish.

Opt for 3D flooring patterns for an ultra-modern look or go retro with polka-dotted patterned ceramic tiles. There's no limit to the amount you can do with the flooring options available in the market now, suitable for every kind of budget.

Home decor

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